Critique Groups

Many writers find a group of their peers the ideal forum in which to share ideas and techniques, to exchange constructive criticism, or simply to have an intense discussion about literature. Meeting with a critique group can be an invaluable step in readying your work for publication.

In-person Critique Groups

If you are an Eastern Canada member, contact those listed below to find a group near you. If you don't see a group listed for your area, consider starting a new one. We can help. E-mail  to find out how to get started.


  • Montreal:


  • Brampton/Mississauga area: (Hoping to start a group.)
  • Burlington:
  • Hamilton area: (Hoping to start a group.)
  • Kingston area: (Hoping to start a group.)
  • Lake Huron Shoreline (Grey - Bruce Region, Mid-Western Ontario):
  • London:
  • Muskoka:
  • Greater Toronto: (Hoping to start a group.)
  • Toronto (The Beach): (Currently seeking new members.)

On-line Critique Groups

SCBWI Canada East and SCBWI Canada West also offer on-line critique groups. These groups are coordinated by (SCBWI Canada East Regional Advisor) and (SCBWI Canada West Regional Advisor). On-line critique groups are available in the following categories:

  • Picture book
  • Middle Grade
  • Middle Grade / Young Adult (Currently full.)
  • Young Adult

Please contact the coordinators if you are interested in joining one of these groups.

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